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Developing {101}

Note: Links not yet added

Becoming a developer.

First you need to buy your Avi's name the cost is $ 7.95

Next you will need to go to the create Tab on the top of any page

Register to become a developer there you will be given an ID#

Next download the previewer <<<HERE>>>

IMVU has some basic tutorials to get you started and the first is a sticker.

If you want to create a sticker for your first product go <<<HERE>>> for the stickers tutorial here in this group.

For the sticker creating you will not use the previewer

If you want to start with clothing

Start here {Tutorial} Creating Your First Product Part 1Finding a product to derive.

Practice here {Tutorial} Creating Your First Product Part 2 Using a Photo program to create your textures.

Next go<<<<HERE>>>>

Then Do these Tutorials.

{Tutorial} Creating Your First Product Part 4 Getting your product ready to submit to IMVU.

{Tutorial} Creating Your First Product Part 5 Submitting your product to IMVU.

So I will use a piece of furniture as my example.

For me it was the easiest way to being creating products.

Links need to be added


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