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This Page is Private and will not be linked to the site Please bookmark it along with your Officer page.Thanks ~CR~

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Thi is a list of tutorials That I would like for us to add ya'll have suggested these and I would really like to get them posted on the connector a soon a possible.
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I could write a tutorial on manually editing XSF files for rooms and furniture, if you want me to, as soon as I figure out the last few details I'm missing.
yea well how bout we all write a tut called ''Getting started''
Explaining what u need to work with the software and the basics of it,
For instance: I do a tut about Sketchup explayning what software u need and what u can do with it and then make a simple product in the tut, and Harley could do the same with blender, u with GIMP and so on
Hi all Naughty Countessa is working on getting my tuts organized and looking better. I need some input on some more tuts {if you want to create some let me know anything will be a blessing} and how we want to do classes for the next phase of developing. Hellstrong is working on a site at the moment it will be awesome once it is done . I will have him post it for all to see and join once it is open. Amazing Man he is. Thanks for all you do and for being a part of this group.

Ok trying to organize 2 sites at the moment plus create and edit my tuts here...Have ya'll checked it out yet what do you think so far?

Next is the fact that our life is totally up in the air at the moment....When we get a phone call it will be a mad rush to up and move our home to another state {Don't know which one yet} It may a quick announcement and then I might not be logged back in for a bit depends on how fast we find a home and get service up and running.

If that happens Hellstrong will you please award {Around the 5th of Sept} the scholarship winner with 15 thousand creds and the sticker from the N00b's account. We are waiting for Fin to cast the last vote but if I go I will cast mine via PM there. Any one else can do the same just please do it PM on N00b Account. ty

Next up is getting some more tuts posted I am working on some of the requests in the classes post
such as putting together a tut that says Hair (101) and Clothing (101) and stickers (101) from a combo of programs already posted here....and adding more to them.

I think we still need pt 2 on opacity {WINK}
and could just use some more to add I was thinking of bump maps and dodge and burn would be a great help for clothing.
Anyone for any other ideas would be a great help.

Also adding accessories to avi in sketckup would be nice ....for me at least...still a real N00b there..

The website is coming along and a lot of tabs are hidden because of adding pics to them but info is there.

Thanks Hell and Gen I know ya'll are posting and I really appreciate it a lot.

Anyone want to add any suggestions please do so.

Thank Ya

Tutorials Requests
Finue will not be online til after Sep 1
CountessaRoxanna Move still waiting to hear
If ya'll know any one that would like to share
their tutorials on the site please see
the Tutorial Connector Page

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