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New HP for Group

Updates and Info from Dev N00b

CountessaRoxanna Wrote:
> Hello Everyone
> I have created a seperate account for our
> Scholarship Program. If you would like to
> contribute credits Of any amount Please gift them
> to this account. You are under no obligation to do
> so and it not required. Myself and my Officers if
> they choose are donating to this account. Any any
> donation is very much appreciated.
> Thank You all for being a part of this group!!!!
> More details about the Scholarship program will be
> coming soon.
> ~CR~

This is the Avi attached to the New Account Please add it as a buddy if you would like to participate in any way to the Scholarship Program. It will also give me some Idea as to who is active in the group. To send messages to these members.
TY Once again

I have one request to all developers please post your banner codes in the {Banners} Developers Post Your Banners Here {Tutorial} Creating Bannerst. so we can add them to this page. I will not request them anywhere else or hunt them down. Only those who post get the free advertisement. :P

Add this Avi To Buddies List

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