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Congratulations!!!! Our developer featured this month.

Congrats to Neo5842!!!!

Neo5842 has been voted Our Developer Spotlight Winner For July.
And Thank You to my Group Members and Officers for your nominations and Votes.

Developer spotlight PIC

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<img src= border="0" width="434" height="494"></a></center>

Let me know if you have a fav in your product line and I will post it along with the things I have picked.

The shout outs will be posted soon.


I nominate Neo5842, for all his hard work helping the Blender community, as well as outstanding breakthroughs in blender mesh developing (and great meshes).VOTED!!


I second Neos nomination. :DVOTED!!


Neo VOTED!!|


I own a couple of your rooms and love the quality you bring to our community,**(tu) ;)(tu)** Keep up the hard work and thanks for sharing you knowledge with the rest of us.I believe the first room I derived from you as well. need to go check my tree hehe

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