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June 22, 2008 12:34PM

RE::: Messages

Hello awesome people of IMVU!
I'm one of the engineers here and I've been implementing a feature on "Fairy Time" (ie, personal time) that a few of you might like.

Specifically, instead of receiving emails that say "Someone at IMVU has messaged you! And maybe they gave you a gift!", these new emails actually show you what the person said, and don't say you have a gift if you did not get one.

That's right! This means you can tell if a message is from a spammer or from a friend INSTANTLY!

Additionally, there will be a response form right in that email! You can respond to your friends immediately! And if you're not logged in, you can log in and the message you wanted to send will be right there when you log in!

Now, this email form may or may not work depending on your email client, but it's a nice option to have, eh?

To opt into this experiment, go to the following link while logged in and choose 'Form_Email'.


Anyways, if you opt into this experiment, and you experience bugs with the form behavior, I would really really really appreciate it if you told me what operating system (eg, windows XP, mac osx, ubuntu, etc... ) and what email client (eg, gmail, hotmail, outlook, thunderbird, etc... ) you used so I can complete a compatibility grid.

There are a few more features I'll be implementing along the way, like actually displaying the image of the gift you received and the giftpaper in the email.

There are also a few bugs I'm already aware of.

Any suggestions for new features to be added are appreciated and will be considered, and any report of bugs are appreciated and actively encouraged!

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