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Opacity Book

Hellstrong wrote:

** Adding and Using Opacity Tutorial**

Chapter 1: Dictonairy

[*]what is opacity: Oppacity is a immage file (in imvu only jpg, tga or bmp ) that tells a program what part of a model should be vicible and what part should be not. (Note: the opacity immage should be the same pixel size ase the texture it belongs to)
[*]2 types of opacity: There are 2 types of opacity [list=1]Black and white (2color) everything that is black wil be invicible and everything white will be vicible[/list] [list=1]Gray values once again everything thats black will be invicible and everything white will be vicible, gray areas wil be vicible but u can look true them the lighter the tint the clearer i will be able to see trough and vice versa[/list]
[*]the .XRF files This actually a simple text file that tells the previeuwer what texture should go with the corrosponding bones and wether or not it has oppacity (If u plan on makin derivables they would be more atractive to put in Xrf files that contain oppacity since it gives the derivers more editing possibillyties u can make the oppacyty map completely black for ure product if u dont need it, so ure derivers can make up for themselfes wether to use it or not)

Chapter 2: Understanding XRF

U can skip this step and download the 10 diffrent XRF files By clickin the link >>>Link<<<
it has 11 XRF files in it that i made, should be enough for most products, and it has 3 example textures (1 solid, 2 opacity)

As said before an .XRF is nothing more then a simple text file telling the program what texture belongs to what surface and wether it has opacity or not.
The only tool you need to edit or make a XRF is Notepad

Here are 2 examples of what is in a XRF one without opacity and one with opacity the only thing u have to worry about are the parts i made red.

Sample of XRF without opacity

<AMBIENT>255 255 255 0</AMBIENT>
<DIFFUSE>255 255 255 255</DIFFUSE>
<SPECULAR>255 255 255 0</SPECULAR>
<MAP TYPE="Diffuse Color">Solid.jpg</MAP>

Sample of XRF with opacity

<AMBIENT>255 255 255 0</AMBIENT>
<DIFFUSE>255 255 255 255</DIFFUSE>
<SPECULAR>255 255 255 0</SPECULAR>
<MAP TYPE="Diffuse Color">Solid.jpg</MAP>
<MAP TYPE="Opacity">Opacity.jpg</MAP>

[*] The first number indicates how many immages are used, without opasity it just uses one, but with opacity it uses two (one for the texture itself and one that will be the opacity mapping)
[*] Then the second red area this is the name of the texture that goes with that XRF its not neccesary to rename your files the previeuwer wil automaticly do that after saving, the only thing you need to worry about is that the name is diffrent in every XRF in youre product or otherwise if you change one texture other textures will change along with it (Thats why i made the 11 XRF files they are all diffrently named so that they dont conflict with eachother)
[*] The third red area is the same story as the second but in this case it refers to the opacity immage, also make sure again it is named diffrently in each XRF (Needless to say that the entire line where this filename is in is missing in the XRF without opacity since it has none)

Chapter 3: How to make a new opacity XRF

[*]1 Download my zipfile that contains the oppacity XRF's >>>Download here<<<
[*]2 Copy the files to your harddrive
[*]3 Now u already have 11 XRF's to start with lets make some more shall we.
[*]4 Rightclick on one of the XRF's lets use ''Color (10).XRF'' in this case, and select ''Open with'' then open with Notepath (U might wanna check the box that says ''always perform this action for this filetype'' for future comfort)
[*]5 Now u should see the same as i showed before in the opacity sample Only the last two file names have a ''10'' in it (Solid10.jpg and Opacity10.jpg)
[*]6 Just change those 2 names in whatever u want as long as they are diffrent as all the other XRF content so we use the names ''Solid11.jpg'' and ''Opacity11.jpg'' in this case

So all we just did whas change these two lines:

<MAP TYPE="Diffuse Color">Solid10.jpg</MAP>
<MAP TYPE="Opacity">Opacity10.jpg</MAP>

Into these two lines:

<MAP TYPE="Diffuse Color">Solid11.jpg</MAP>
<MAP TYPE="Opacity">Opacity11.jpg</MAP>

[*]7 Now Select ''File'' then ''Save as'' and give the new XRF a new name lets say ''Color (11).XRF'' dont forget to type .XRF behind the name or it wil be saved as TXT and we dont want that
[*]8 congratulations u created ure 1st XRF with opacity
If u know how to work with opacity in the previeuwer then your done reading here, if not then keep on reading the next post below :-)

ok this time ill make Pt2

Added to site 7/24/2008

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