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Becoming a developer.

First you need to buy your Avi's name the cost is $ 7.95

Next you will need to go to the create Tab on the top of any page

Register to become a developer there you will be given an ID#

Next download the previewer <<>>

IMVU has some basic tutorials to get you started and the first is a sticker.

If you want to create a sticker for your first product go <<>> for the stickers tutorial here in this group.

For the sticker creating you will not use the previewer

If you want to start with clothing

Start here {Tutorial} Creating Your First Product Part 1Finding a product to derive.

Practice here {Tutorial} Creating Your First Product Part 2 Using a Photo program to create your textures.

Next go<<<>>>

Then Do these Tutorials.

{Tutorial} Creating Your First Product Part 4 Getting your product ready to submit to IMVU.

{Tutorial} Creating Your First Product Part 5 Submitting your product to IMVU.

So I will use a piece of furniture as my example.

For me it was the easiest way to being creating products.

:S:SQuestions & Answers - Read These Before Anything Else:S:S

Quote from:Velc0n

"1. What's a developer token ?

A developer token is worth 10 credits towards submitting more items or shoutouts. You earn these either by reselling stickers from your home page [ Someone buys the sticker and got the link from your home page ], or if somebody purchases your items with promotional credits. You CANNOT trade these tokens, or do anything else with them EXCEPT purchase shoutouts and use them for submission fees.

2. Does it cost to submit items ?

Yes. It cost to submit items. There will be a deprivation fee as well as a submission fee for all items you submit. The deprivation fee will vary in price, and the submission fee will be 500 regardless... except for stickers, which only cost 100 to submit.

3. What exactly is the deprivation and submission Fee?

The submission fee is basically a fee that IMVu charges you for submitting the item. They have to host the item on their servers and you are basically paying to have it hosted on the site, you are also paying for your own copy of the item. This is why you do not get a copy of your stickers. You do not get copies of your stickers because there is only a 100 credit submission fee, no deprivation or anything. Ect. A deprivation fee is the fee you pay for using the meshers, or creators, mesh to make an item.

4. What is a mesh ?

A mesh is a 3d design created in programs such as sketchup or Blender. Most people use 3d Max as their program of choice. This mesh provides the client with information on how to display certain areas of the 'avatar' and 'room'. This is the over all basis of the item. Someone who makes meshes is called a mesher.

5. What is a texture ?

A texture is someone who recolors, or redesigns using opacity maps and colors t he mesh that someone else has created. You derive from items, and edit the " Texture " of the item to what you think it should look like, then you are able to submit.

6. Limit of file size.

If you are retexturing a product, its combined size cannot be more then 2MB. THe best way to figure out how big a object will be, is to highlight all of the included textures and right click them, and select " Properties " it will bring up a box that states how big all of them are combined together.

6. How long does it take for submitted items to be approved?

Submitted items aren't approved, they are simply uploaded to the server. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours.

7.If I update a product, how long will it take for the update to show?

If you update a product then it is best to delete your old product file from the products list. ( I'll find a tutorial on how to do that later ). Usually it takes 15 minutes to a few hours for the updated product to go through, however, it may take as long as a week.

8. Does the developer get the item he/she alters/develops for free after its accepted to be released?

The developer gets all the items they develop after they submit them to the catalog except stickers. When you pay a submission fee and deprivation fee you are basically paying for your own copy, since a sticker does not have a deprivation fee or a large submission fee, you do not get that for 'free' and instead have to buy them.

9. Who sets the items credit cost?

The developer does. It is best to look around at other items similar to your own and make a good judgment on its price from there. If you price it too high or too low, people will either not buy or buy a lot. However if it's too low and you go below break even, you will not be earning any profit per sell - but instead loosing profit per sell.

10. Does the developer receive any points or anything besides credit when others buy the items made by the developer?

If the item is bought with promo credits then the developer will receive a developer token which is worth 10 credits towards submissions or shoutouts. If the developers item is purchased with normal credits then the developer will receive normal credits.

11.Can a developer send others items directly made in exchange for credits instead of submitting it to the IMVU first?

No. You have to have the item uploaded to the catalog in order to gift it to anyone.

12. What do I derive from?

When you are ready to develope clothing you should start by deriving from products made by IMVU or meshers. To derive something is to use that persons mesh, opacity map, and texture and alter it to what you want it to look like.

13. Is it okay to set my product to derivable if I've derived from a mesher?

Yes and no. While the option exist, and there is nothing anybody can do to prevent the product from being set to derivable, it is common courtesy to set the products to non-derivable. This is because you are using someone else's mesh, and you did not make the mesh. You only made the texture.

14. I have a opacity map I really like, can I set it to derivable?

Yes, in this case it may be okay to set the product to derivable. However, please try to make sure the opacity map completely changes the product...It is also advisable to alert the mesher of your decision to set it to derivable, and ask them if it's okay. You should also include the opacity map with the product you want to make derivable."

HTML Help, tweaks and code --

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