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{Tutorial} How to make a blinking or winking avi pic

First Open the Avi Pic File in gimp

Here is where you would add text so it stays in both layers.

Next create a new layer [Make sure it is transparent]

Next change the view of your image to about 400% and
create a new view of your image to keep your prospective.

Color in the eye.

Use the color of your eye shadow or liner as your color selection.

If a male u might want to use a skin tone color with a trace of black on bottom lid for lashes.

I add eyelashes with the calligraphy brush on bottom eyelid. Just adjust the size to make it look realistic.

Next go to your filters box and find the animation tab next select play back.

This is 2 layers so hit the step key and then hit play.

It will be blinking really fast you will change the speed when you save.

If you like the way it looks .

Select save as and name the new file then add .gif

The next box will appear you will select save as animation.

Then the next box you will select the speed it is set to 100

Look for this box.

A good rule of thumb is 100 mil sec = 1 second.

I will save mine at 650 mil sec about 6 and a half seconds.

And you are done .Yay!!

HTML Help, tweaks and code --

In reply of the ''winking avipic''

Think it would look more natural if the eye is longer open then it is closed, to have diffrent durations, rename the layers

Example the layer with the open eye is called ''layer1'' Change it to ''layer1(650ms)

The closed layer is called ''layer2'' change it to something lower, like ''layer2(400ms)

Now save it as GIF file, when it asks for duration u can just leave it on 100ms kuz it only sets unspecified frames to that time, but since u just specified the duration of ure frames it wont change it.

Heres a example, i just added (1420ms) to the open eye and (420ms) to the closed eye.

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