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~GIMP~Making Hair Textures

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Making hairtextures

maybe HotRod20Fan will learn from this to use smaller immages in her tuts xD
Important note: U shouldnt litterally follow the tut step by step to use on ure textures or we would all end up with the same hairstyles, this are just the basics, use your immagination on it
in this tutorial i used a canvas size of 250x250

1st we make a base color, in this case i used red

Then we add ''noise'' to it from the ''filter'' dialog'' any noise can be used, just depends on what ure looking for, i used ''RGB Noise'' here

After doin that we gonna make it vague from the ''effect dialog ass well.
use ''Gaussian blur'' (asuming that how its called in english version)

set the horizontal on ''0.0''
and adjust the vertical one to ure liking

So far we have this... kinda startin to like like a hair texture right?

Now select your retangle tool and set it to soften edges (srry but my gimp is in dutch)

Now make a new layer and make some stripes with the retangle tool and fill it with black for shading or white for shinyness

Now add tranceparency to that layer

So we end up with something like this:

This is the way I make my hair textures in gimp. I hope you guys find this helpful!

Ok here is a tut I did for making hair textures in GIMP

Start out with a new image 256x256 as this is the size most used on hair.

Then we use our bucket fill tool to fill in the background for the color hair we want.

Now we take our circle fuzzy(19)in our paint options.And we select a new color that is slightly darker then our base.

Next we make two straight lines on our base as shown here.

Now lets add some noise! First we do the HSV Noise which can be found under FIlters-Noise.
The settings used here are what I used feel free to experiment :D

Next we do RSB Noise which is also found under Filters-Noise.

Now we motion blur! As I said before these are the settings I use please feel free to experimnt! Motion Blur is found under Filters-Blue-Motion Blur

Now we look like hair :D so lets add some shine to that bad boy! Now lets add a new layer just go up to your image , click layer and make sure it is set as transparency. Now our new layer is highlighted on our layers tab to the left.So lets add that shine! Get your fuzzy circle(19) brush back out again, and set the foreground color to white.Next we make four more lines on our now hair base, as shown below.( I put two lines together then go down and do two more together.)

Next we repeat our noise and motion blurring steps on the new layer. Then I set that layer to grain merge on the layer tab to the left but it is all about personal preference at this point. Next I duplicate that layer by going to Layer-Duplicate.

Next I take the duplicated layer and move it by clicking the move icon on my gimp toobar.
Then I make sure it is set to only move the activ layer as shown below.

Now we move the duplicated layer up ever so slighty so that the shine goes up a bit further but stays bright in the middle.

For the purposes of this tutorial we are done! But feel free to duplicate and add more shine if you so desire.:D Now lets see what it looks like on an avatar in the previewer. I am useing the Hiromi hair for this tutorial.

And there you have it! Happy Createing everybody! :D

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