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Comments and Concerns

This is for all site Visitors to post coments about your visit.
We Hope it was enjoyable!!
And Thanks for taking the time to post it.

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Site Issues

Please Contact Us for issues in Need of Repair on the site
Such as broken links
Make sure to add: 
Page Name: SHOP Bundles
The Dev Or Group Name: CountessaRoxanna
Icon Issue: Stool
We will fix these issues in a timely fashion.
Developers and Other Owners Please help us by checking your links and reporting issues in the box below.

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Add my Catalog to Site 

Product Submission:Product Name Goes Here 
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<img src="your image address here!" border="2" ></a><center><br>
Just fill in the colored areas with the correct info and post the to the coments box below. 
Please if it is a single item give the name
EX: Bondage Corset 
Post it in 1 comment then add the next
If it is a collection add Only the name of the Collection
and add names above each new code
EX: Black and Red Bed ROOM
Only one Collection per comment.
All items will be added under your developer post.
On each page catagory you have submitted items for.  

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Pleas add you newest AP Icon Banners to the site....Make sure Icon Code is posted in HTML Code Just like a Banner and Pic is Catalog size 100x80:

Add My Banner to the Site

Developers, Public Room Owners, Group Owners, and Models Post you Banners in the bos Below and We will add them to the site.

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Site Rules and Info

I would like to take a moment to go over some of the posting rules for this site.
Quite simple Please keep you link catalog images to 100x80 to keep the site from using to much space.
Next is: Nudity must be covered with a black stripe. I will not be adding a password protection to this site and would like to keep it GA passable.
Thanks to all that have particapated thus far...and to those that are sending me your catalog links and Banners to post. If I start getting a Flood of links at one time I will post the estimated time it should take me to add all new links to the site....Also keep in mind If you are new to the site you get Page one til next new Dev, Room, Group, Model, are posted.
If you are running any specials I will select a few to add to Page one and am creating a page for discount items. I will date them and remove them in an organized fashion.
Meaning; tell me in your comment how long you are running you price cut...or if  it is a permenent cut. If the item is marked down permenent I will run it page 1 when no other dated items are in demand. But links will only stay in the discount items page for about 1 month.
If one of my staff members takes the time to help you out of a bind please feel free to send them a thank you note or gift...Me {CR} Excluded I have members that are not developers group owners or room owners posting for you. So show them consideration. They do this on a volunteer basis...and this site takes a lot of time to edit and reply to comments.
As I add an Oficer or Staff member I will add a comment box to the Staff and Officers page. For you to send Private messages via e mail. All Staff and Officers will use the HP message to contact you. Unless otherwise decided in mutual concent. Every Avi still deserves their Privacy.
That is all for the moment, Hoping this site catches on and all sales on our items will increase ...wishing all of us luck and happy Shopping and Creating.

Thank You for your visit!!!
Pleas read the list below for more information and instructions
Please click the links. 

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