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Service Announcement about Third Party Software

Hey all

Rob has asked me to write a news post about a very important topic: 3rd Party Software. It has come to our attention that some people are spreading word that there are “cheat” programs that can be used with IMVU software. These programs are advertised as being able to do things from “generating free credits” to “doing Peer Reviews for you.” I am sending out an advisory to our community to warn you about these programs and why you should never trust applications like this.

For starters, no matter what they say they are not official or tied to IMVU in anyway. IMVU has very few business partnerships and most of those are transparent to the end users. We would never support any application that would harm the IMVU experience.

Second, it has come to our attention, through some unfortunate means; for some users, that many of these “tools” are really spyware installing applications. For those who don’t know, spyware/Malware are applications that either install hidden software that can take over your PC and use it for sending SPAM, or even allow hackers (the bad kind) to take over your computer for their own purposes, not to mention installing viruses.

Third, some of these “tools” also contain what are called keyloggers. Keyloggers are small programs that monitor and record your keyboard entries and transmit that data back to the software’s writers. These keyloggers can be used to capture any ID and password you might enter into a specific, or every website you visit.

Fourth, you should never share your IMVU password with anyone! Your IMVU password is your business. And you should only share your IMVU Avatar name with those that you completely trust. And it should go without saying, but you should not share personal or financial information with any third party unless you have complete trust in that person.

The final reason is, the use of these tools to gain an unfair advantage over other users is a violation of our TOS. Anyone who uses a “cheat” program and is caught will have their account banned. The use of these “cheat” programs harms the IMVU experience for everyone, not just the person who uses it, and IMVU will not tolerate this behavior.

So please exercise caution when looking at any webpage that claims to have a relationship with IMVU, and certainly be very careful (or better yet avoid) of running any third party tool, especially if it claims it can do something for you for free. If you become aware of any of these tools, or IMVU users who are promoting them please let us know so we can take the appropriate actions.

If you have any questions please direct them to


Joseph “Joepez” Lopez

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